What is the chain of command at a publishing company?


The publisher title is another name for the Chief Executive Officer or CEO of the company. All employees answer to the publisher whether directly or indirectly. The publisher is in charge of all the different departments of the company.

Editorial Department

The head of the editorial department is the editor in chief; they hire all of the staff members who work within their department and are in charge of choosing different publications for the company to publish. The managing editor will keep publication and editing running smoothly to make sure that everything is in before deadlines. In most publishing companies today freelance editors are hired on along with freelance writers. Freelance editors are self-employed members who work on the publication that has been assigned to them and are not hired for a long term job. Freelance writers are basically the same thing as freelance editors except they write manuscripts that the company wants them to and pay them for their services. For bigger publishing companies the editor in chief will hire in-house editors who will take care of daily publications. Copy-editors will answer to the in-house editors and the managing editor for assignments with different publications; and finally the proof-readers will look over all the different publications for corrections that need to make so that the final edition can be published and distributed.

Marketing and Sales Department

The marketing and sales department is in charge of the company’s annual income based on sales and advertising; whether it’s selling a published book or an annual fee from subscribers, the marketing and sales department accounts for all income for the company. Marketing managers help develop price ranges in which to sell different publications. They, with the help of product development and sales managers, configure competitors’ prices and estimate product demand for maximum profit for the company. Advertising and promotion managers are in charge of creating adverting and promotional campaigns for publications, such as different advertisements you see in magazines or in local bookstores. The account executive will work with the advertising and promotion managers to make sure the company has enough money for promotion or whether the company needs to promote more or less based on the income from the publication. The creative director will oversee the designs of the different advertisements to create a look that is original and eye-catching so it will bring the company profit. Public relations managers will take care of the client, they make sure that they are getting the correct amount of money for the publication, and they will help with advertising the client and their manuscript to the public for different releases dates of the publication. Public relations managers are there to help the company’s client look good to the public.

Business Management Department

The publisher of the company is the direct head of the business management department in order to keep the company up and running. The business manager works with the publisher to help run the company so the company can make a profit of the publications it works on and sells. The executive assistant will work with the publisher and take memos, notes, and schedule client and business meeting with associates. The executive assistant will also run things in-office and is in charge of taking inventories and buying new supplies for the company. The accountant will correspond with the marketing and sales department in order to make the company money.

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By Christine Muir, English major, Japanese and Art double minor at Texas Christian University


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