What are some summer workshops or internships for people interested in editing?

The publishing industry has changed much in the past few years. Websites have surpassed newspapers at the preferred source of readers’ news, and e-books are quite likely to outpace traditional paper books in sales within a few years, if not sooner. This has invariably changed workshops and internships in publishing and editing, as the focus has shifted away from traditional book, magazine, and newspaper editing, and toward new media and web design. The remaining “traditional” workshops and internships almost all have portions heavily geared toward modern media such as web and graphic design. The current fastest-growing avenues for the publishing industry are seminars and workshops in the burgeoning e-book publishing market.

The following programs are appropriate for individuals with a wide range of editing and publishing experience, from students, to publishing professionals.

EpublishUnum: Digital Publishing ePIC Seminar.

  • Targeted primarily at authors interested in publishing their books online.
  • Two-session, same-day seminar on digital publishing.
  • Sessions cover how to release your Ebook online, and promoting it after release.
  • Location: Phoenix Arizona
  • Price:  $80 for a single session, $129 for both sessions.

 New York Times: New York Times Summer Internship Program

  • Targeted at college seniors and graduate students pursuing careers in journalism.
  • 10-week summer internship.
  • Locations in New York (James Reston Reporting Fellows), and Washington, D.C. (David Rosenbaum Reporting Fellows).
  • Graphics, art design, page design, photography under the Thomas Morgan Internship.
  • Copyediting internship program through Dow Jones Newspaper Fund Copy Editing program.
  • Salary: $900 per week, housing available on New York University campus for $1000 monthly.

 Stanford University: Stanford Publishing Course for Professionals

  • Closed in late 2009
  • “Victim of both the economy and larger transitions in the program’s core fields.”
  • Archived video seminars still potentially useful for editors of new media such as websites.

 Yale University: Yale Publishing Course

  • “Designed for mid and upper-level publishing professionals who wish to advance in their careers and take on broader responsibilities.”
  • 5-day intensive workshop.
  • Minimum of four years of experience in their field are required, though most will have more than that.
  • Location: New Haven, Connecticut.
  • Price: $4995, includes meals and course materials.
  • $500 credit for two people from the same company attending, or for previous attendees.

By Gene Ward


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