Are you interested in editing and publishing as a possible career? The following posts, created by students in TCU’s ENGL 40283 class, “Editing and Publishing,” provide answers to many questions commonly asked about editing and publishing.  You can browse through posts or go directly to a specific answer by clicking on the questions below:

1.What are the big six publishers and what are the requirements for getting a job there?

By Elora Davis

2. What is the difference between a copy editor’s job and a senior editor (or editor-in-chief)?

By Courtney Sholars

3. What is the daily life of a copy editor or editor like?

By Rebecca Adkins

4. What is the relationship between a permissions editor and fact checker?

By Annie Daniel

5..Are all publishing jobs in NYC or Chicago? What about Texas?

By Rileigh Sanders

6. What are some summer workshops or internships for people interested in editing?

By Gene Ward

7. Is it necessary to have a Masters degree to be an editor? What grad programs are available?

By Lauren Schoppe

8. What is the chain of command at a publishing company?

By Christine Muir

9. Are university presses a dying breed?

By Diana Dunigan

10. What is the relationship between author and publisher?

By Lauren Galippo

11. How much does the marketability of a book factor into the acquisitions process? How does “market research” work?

By Rachel Spurrier

12. What are price ranges/fees for editing?

By Ian Yamagata

13. How do you go about corresponding with/interviewing an editing client?

By Nicole Westhoff

14. How do you find freelance editing jobs and how do you get them?

By Grace Palmer

15. How can someone break into editing? What are jobs that require editing that you may not think of?

By Katie Kennedy

16. What is the future of textbook publication, sales, and use in colleges in light of the e-book revolution?

By Brennen Anderson

17. How do e-books change graphic novel publication?

By Kelly Wagnon

18. What is involved in self-publishing?

By Michael Darmitzel

19. What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing?

By Lauren Lehtonen

20. Does copyediting have a bright future?

By Kourtney Kinsel


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