Is it necessary to have a Masters degree to be an editor? What grad programs are available?

It is not required to obtain a Masters degree to work in editing and publishing, but there are many graduate degree programs offered that could be beneficial to someone interested in this career choice. For the most part, a Bachelors degree and work experience in editing are the most important requirements to become an editor.


For most editing positions, a minimum of a Bachelors degree is required. Generally, editing employers hire people with college degrees in communications, journalism, or English, but others employers may look for broader knowledge of a general liberal arts education.

For those interested in various fields of technical editing, it is expected that you have some background and knowledge in the specialized field that you intend to edit. IT is possible to have a Bachelors degree in the particular field of editing as long as your writing and grammatical skills are well developed.

Because a large amount of current writing and editing is completed through various computer software and involves other technology, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with computer programs and other communications equipment. You must be technologically efficient enough to communicate and edit using various computer programs.


Experience is an important part of beginning a career in editing. Experience can be gained through internships. Editors often employ interns for entry-level positions such as fact checking copy editing drafts. Although many editing internships are unpaid, they are a good opportunity to get your foot in the door and gain proper experience to build your resume for when you begin your editing career.

Internships may be offered locally at high school and college newspapers, community newspapers, and magazines. Many magazines and newspapers offer internships for students, so you can apply for then and gain editing experience before you achieve your Bachelors degree.

Graduate Programs

Although a Masters degree is not required for an editing career, it may be beneficial. There are many degree programs offered at many universities across the United States with both online and on campus options.

Some of the various graduate degrees offered are:

  • Graduate Certificates
  • MA in Editing and Publishing
  • MA in English Language and Literature
  • MA in Professional Writing
  • MA in Publishing and Writing
  • MA in Publishing Studies
  • MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts
  • MFA in Creative Writing
  • MS in Publishing

For more options of graduate programs and a list of graduate schools, visit


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By Lauren Schoppe, English and Theatre double major at Texas Christian University


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