Are all publishing jobs in NYC or Chicago? What about Texas?

To answer the first question, the “Big Six” publishers (Hachette Book Group, formerly Warner Books; HarperCollins; MacMillan Publishers Ltd; Penguin Group; Random House; Simon & Schuster) are all located in New York. While New York is the capital of American literacy and media, other major publishing cities include Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

Texas isn’t on that list.

If you’re looking for the Big-Six-book-style publishing, look elsewhere than the Lone Star State. Though publishers exist, they’re few and far between. University presses abound, as do a multitude of newspapers and magazines, but it’s a whole other world than the traditional or perhaps fantastical New York publishing. Many magazines and newspapers in Texas serve a local, statewide, or Southern community and readership. University presses are sometimes more varied in their subjects, but mostly remain true to academic texts, research, and literature.

Texas’s biggest publishing cities are Houston, Austin, and Dallas. However, many small towns across the Lone Star State are in desperate need of editors for their local publications.

Job Market Statistics

  • reports that there are 27,875 printing and publishing companies in Texas; 5,476 of these companies have posted jobs.
  • came up with 6,348 jobs.
  • reported 1,664 jobs.
  • offers only 54 editing jobs available in Texas.

Texas Needs Editors

Yes, there are publishers in Texas. If the house fits you, go for it. Jobs are there. Listings for editorial positions in Texas aren’t the traditional kind of Big-Six-book-editing, but reflect the needs of Texas businesses requiring expertise in

  • Copywriting
  • Social media, blogging, and online writing
  • Technical writing
  • Marketing writing
  • Sales
  • Spanish

People with the above skills also have many more freelance editing opportunities if they can market themselves online.

Editors notice things that others don’t, including image errors. The flag on this absentee ballot is NOT the Texas state flag, but the national flag of Chile. An editor in Atascosa County, Texas didn’t catch this mistake. Did you?

For more information:

Job Search Engines Specific to Editing Jobs in Texas

Image Sources

By Rileigh Sanders, Texas Christian University ’12 Writing Major, TCU Press Intern


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